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What is a horse face skirt

Ma Mian skirt is a traditional Chinese women’s clothing, also known as “Ma Mian pleated skirt”. It is a type of Hanfu, with four skirt doors at the front and back, overlapping in pairs. The side is pleated, and the middle skirt door overlaps to form a smooth surface, commonly known as “Ma Mian”.

What is a horse face skirt

The origin of horse faced skirts dates back to ancient China and can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. In history, horse faced skirts were the exclusive attire of aristocratic women, and only a few were qualified to wear them. Over time, horse faced skirts gradually spread to ordinary people and became a common form of female clothing. Later, with the changes of the times, the horse faced skirt gradually entered the daily life of Han women and became a ethnic costume with strong local characteristics.

The production process of a horse faced skirt is very complicated and requires multiple processes to complete. First, choose high-quality silk or cotton fabric as the fabric, and then carry out cutting, sewing, and embroidery processes. Finally, it is necessary to go through steps such as washing and drying to make a complete horse face skirt.

In addition to the special embroidered pattern of the horse faced skirt, its styles are also very diverse. There are different styles such as long skirts, short skirts, straight tube skirts, A-line skirts, etc., as well as different colors and patterns to choose from, which can be matched according to different occasions and personal preferences. In addition to being worn in daily life, horse faced skirts often appear in various cultural and dance performances. It is not only a traditional form of clothing, but also an important component of Chinese traditional culture.

In modern society, horse faced skirts have become a cultural symbol and fashion element, attracting more and more attention and love from people. Not only in China, the horse faced skirt has gradually gained attention and recognition from the international community, becoming one of the important representatives of Chinese traditional culture, with strong local characteristics, and is also an important component of Chinese traditional culture.

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