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What types of Hanfu do you know?

What types of Hanfu do you know?
Ru skirt 👗 It is one of the basic forms of clothing in the history of Han Chinese clothing.
🍀 Double breasted half arm skirt
Double breasted Ru skirt is a traditional clothing of the Han people in ancient China. It is a type of Ru skirt, with a straight collar and a symmetrical left and right collar, hence the name double breasted Ru skirt. ✨ The characteristic is a short top and a long skirt.
Half arm is another unique form of clothing, which is an important component of Tang Dynasty dress. Half arm is similar to today’s short sleeved shirts because its sleeve length is between the crotch (collarless and sleeveless) and the garment, so it is called half arm dress, 💧 The upper body is paired with a half arm skirt, known as a half arm skirt.
The double breasted half arm skirt is a combination of the two.

🍀 Cross necked Ru skirt
The collar of the top is crisscrossed and layered, similar to the loop style clothes. According to style, it can be divided into Tang style, Ming style, and Song style, with Song style being the most common. Short top and long skirt. 👗

🍀 Chest length Ru skirt
Ru skirt is divided into waist length Ru skirt, high waist Ru skirt, and chest length Ru skirt based on the height of the skirt waist.

🍀 Curved train
A type of Hanfu, popular during the Qin and Han dynasties, consisting of a top, a lower garment, and a deep garment. 💃 In ancient times, the upper and lower garments were connected together to form a piece of clothing, which was called a deep garment. The front of a deep garment is connected to a section, and when worn, it wraps around the back, which is called a “curved train”.

🍀 Beizi
It began in the Sui Dynasty. The collar is straight and the front is open, with no stitching from the armpits on both sides. It is often worn over other clothes and was popular during the Song and Ming dynasties. In the Song Dynasty, the collar of the robe was straight and the front was open. The armpits were parted, and the short train reached the waist, while the long one reached the knee. 🌸 During the Song Dynasty, women often paired their bras with wide sleeved and narrow sleeved sleeves.

🍀 Coat and skirt
In ancient times, Han women wore jackets on their upper body and skirts on their lower body, which originated in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Ming Dynasty, and continued until the Republic of China.

🍀 Straight train
Also known as 襜褕, a style of Hanfu. The collar and train are square and straight, different from the curved train. A train refers to the large front of a garment. The hem of the straight train is cut vertically, with the train on the side or back of the body, without any straps sewn on the garment, and secured by a fabric or leather waistband.

🍀 Round necked robe
During the Tang and Song dynasties, it was referred to as the “upper collar”, while during the Ming dynasty, it was referred to as the “round collar”, “coiled collar”, or “round collar”. It is one of the common styles of traditional clothing in East Asia. The collar is circular in shape, covered with a hard lining, and the collar is fastened with buttons. 🍊 The round necked robe is a narrow sleeved robe with a round collar, popular in the Sui and Tang dynasties. After the Song dynasty, the round necked robe became one of the official attire of officials, and was also widely used in the later Ming dynasty. The round necked robe, paired with patches, became the most convenient way to distinguish between official positions and classes.

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