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How to choose Hanfu

Choosing Hanfu is an activity full of cultural significance, not only selecting a piece of clothing, but also connecting with a tradition and spirit. The following are several aspects to consider when choosing Hanfu:

How to choose Hanfu

1. * * Understanding the Cultural Connotation of Hanfu: Hanfu is not just clothing, it carries the long history and culture of the Chinese nation. Understanding the basic styles of Hanfu and the cultural significance behind them, such as cross collars, right lapels, wide robes and large sleeves, can help you make more suitable choices.

2. * * Matching of body shape and face shape * *: Choose the appropriate Hanfu version and style based on your body and face shape. For example, people with a fuller figure may be more suitable for wearing loose Ming style Hanfu, while those with a slim figure may be more suitable for wearing tight fitting Song style Hanfu.

3. Types of Hanfu: There are various types of Hanfu, such as Tang, Song, Ming, etc., which differ in style, color, and fabric. You should choose the appropriate type based on your preferences and needs.

4. * * Fabric Selection * *: Hanfu has a variety of fabrics, such as silk, cotton and linen, and Hansilk. Different fabrics have differences in texture, breathability, and hand feel. When choosing, consideration should be given to the quality of the fabric and its compatibility with personal skin type and dressing occasion.

5. * * Occasion suitability * *: Consider when and where you will be wearing Hanfu. Traditional festivals, cultural events, or formal occasions such as banquets are suitable for wearing more formal Hanfu, while daily wear can choose more casual styles.

6. Customized or Finished Hanfu: If you want to wear a more fitting and personalized Hanfu, you can consider customizing it. If time or budget is limited, purchasing finished Hanfu is also a good choice, but it is important to choose legitimate channels and brands with a good reputation.

7. Accessories and hairstyle: The accessories and hairstyle of Hanfu are also an indispensable part of the overall design. Choose appropriate hair accessories and hairstyles based on the selected Hanfu style and style to enhance the overall effect.

In summary, choosing Hanfu is a process that involves understanding traditional culture, considering personal body characteristics, selecting fabric materials, considering wearing occasions, and making personalized customization or product purchase decisions. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. You can enjoy the fun of choosing Hanfu while inheriting culture.

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