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Showcasing the Beauty of Hanfu to the World

Dressed in flowing Tang skirts, a group of international students who love traditional Chinese culture held a unique spring dress banquet on the green lawn of Melbourne, Australia. They made overseas friends feel the charm of Chinese Hanfu and brought a unique Chinese cultural experience to everyone.

Showcasing the Beauty of Hanfu to the World

There is a Hanfu club in Melbourne

Overseas, Hanfu culture is becoming increasingly popular among people. “The Melbourne Hanfu Society was previously a student interest club at the University of Melbourne in Australia,” said Jin Qianying, the president of Hanfu Society and a graduate student in urban planning at the University of Melbourne. “Over time, more and more students from other schools who are interested in Hanfu also want to join us. Later, we expanded Hanfu Society to cover all of Melbourne.”
Not long ago, the Hanfu Society held the “Spring Skirt Strategy Banquet” Hanfu cultural event in the local area. Jin Qianying said, “This time we carefully decorated the park, invited friends who love Hanfu to take photos and check in, and also set up a social occasion for everyone. That day, many people said they not only appreciated the charm of Hanfu culture, but also made like-minded friends.”
When it comes to her fate with Hanfu, Jin Qianying said that during high school, she was deeply attracted by the unique design of Hanfu. Later on, she gradually learned more about the historical and cultural background behind Hanfu. During her study abroad, she joined the Melbourne Hanfu Society and became its president. “I hope to share my love for Hanfu with more people through this platform, so that more people can feel the beauty of Hanfu,” said Jin Qianying.
Liu Xinru, a student at the University of Melbourne, is the head of the Hanfu Design Department. She grew up in the “Hanfu House” from a young age. Liu Xinru said, “When I was a child, I followed my mother to participate in many activities for Hanfu enthusiasts. At that time, everyone wore Hanfu and spent traditional festivals together. In my opinion, Hanfu was not just beautiful clothes, but also a cultural treasure. I also learned Chinese painting, classical dance, and guzheng, and loved traditional Chinese art and culture from the bottom of my heart.”
Nowadays, Melbourne Hanfu Society has accounts on numerous social media platforms, publishing various Hanfu activities and photos and videos of the club’s daily activities. The Internet platform has attracted more people’s attention and participation.

More and more people are falling in love with Hanfu

When it comes to the most memorable event, Jin Qianying enthusiastically recalled, “Hanfu Society was invited by the Australian China History Museum to participate in Melbourne Fashion Week and planned a special event called ‘Cloud Ink Nishang Hanfu Restoration Walk’. Our members did some homework, studied the evolution of Hanfu in different historical periods, imitated the forms, movements, and makeup of characters in ancient paintings from different periods, and presented a visual feast to the audience.”
The poster of that event was hung on the square of the Australian Chinese History Museum, becoming a popular spot for local citizens to take photos with.
In addition, the Melbourne Hanfu Society has also held multiple exciting events, such as the China Australia Cultural and Hanfu Exchange Conference, the New Year Hanfu Walk, and the “Gift Clothing Huaxia” Hanfu Model Competition in the Australian region.
In the “Li Yi Hua Xia” Hanfu Model Competition, member Zhu Shiyan was one of the contestants. Zhu Shiyan said, “At that time, in order to better understand the etiquette of wearing Hanfu, I also learned ancient poetry, traditional festival customs, and etiquette norms. Do you remember before the competition, I repeatedly practiced the movements and expressions of the runway show, hoping to showcase the charm and cultural spirit of Hanfu on the field?”
Jin Qianying said, “During the competition, we were pleasantly surprised to find many local Australians wearing Hanfu to watch, which made us feel excited. This indicates that more and more foreigners are starting to understand, appreciate, and fall in love with Chinese Hanfu, which is consistent with the original intention of our event.”
Liu Xinru made a special friend during an event held by Hanfu Society. Liu Xinru said, “She is a local little girl. The first time I saw her was at the Hanfu Model Competition. She was wearing beautiful Hanfu and hair accessories. I was surprised to find that she could accurately distinguish the clothing of different dynasties. Later, I learned that this little girl had developed a strong interest in Hanfu and Chinese culture because of her love for ancient Chinese TV dramas. She also chose to study Chinese at school. Seeing more and more people falling in love with Hanfu, I am deeply proud.”

Combining Hanfu with daily wear

In her communication with numerous Hanfu enthusiasts, Jin Qianying found that in order to promote Hanfu culture widely, in addition to organizing diverse activities, it is also necessary to closely integrate Hanfu with modern life.
“Clothing serves people, and friends who like Hanfu can choose to wear traditional Hanfu for travel or cleverly integrate Hanfu elements into their daily outfits.” Jin Qianying introduced, “In daily outfits, we try to add classic Hanfu elements such as buttons and floral patterns to combine Hanfu with modern fashion. This clever idea has attracted many foreign friends to learn.”
Regarding this, Zhu Shiyan has a similar experience: “In the competition, I deliberately chose an improved version of Hanfu. I believe that the improved Hanfu not only showcases the traditional charm of Hanfu, but also integrates modern aesthetics.”
Jin Qianying believes that Hanfu showcases the beauty of different styles. She said, “Hanfu has a long history and rich forms, including various styles such as Tang, Song, and Ming. It is not limited by body shape, and everyone can wear it with their own unique charm.”
Jin Qianying said, “We will also hold Hanfu exhibitions, Hanfu knowledge lectures, and street tours in the future. Currently, we are preparing for a street tour that combines classical dance and folk music, hoping to allow more people to experience the profound traditional Chinese culture through this form.” (Zhen Wen)

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